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Devon Greer, LPC


 Hello! I look forward to forming a healthy therapeutic relationship   with all the clients that come my way. Providing therapy is a huge   passion of mine and I plan to provide the  most efficient and   adequate therapy to all of my clients. Therapy can be life changing     for those who are committed and its not always the easiest of roads   to take, but when you have someone whose highly committed to   helping you heal and grow, its a smoother road. 

 I've been living in this community for all of my life and I have a lot of   passion to helping those in my community with their mental health. I   received both of my degrees in Cleveland, attending Cleveland State   University to receive my Bachelors in Communication and   Psychology, as well as my Masters in Clinical Mental Health   counseling.  I have been working with mental health for 8 years.   I   have worked in residential, school-based and private practice   settings. I have experience working with adults and families who   have experienced trauma, adolescents who have difficulties   managing their emotions and have mental illnesses. 

  Outside of providing therapy, I enjoy time with my family, friends and   pets. I enjoy being active and I'm a huge fan of my home teams.   Music, food, being active and video games are also a big passion of   mine. 

 I have a lot of respect for anyone who commits themselves to doing   therapy and I appreciate this potential opportunity to be a part of   this journey with you. I look forward to providing the best therapy that   I can for all. 

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